Sunday, April 20, 2003

Send me on my way. I've been informed by a certain someone that my blog sucks. I shall thus try to amend this horrible offense.

G. Ba and I took a walk around the lake today. I finally got a picture of myself in front of one of the topiaries. I now feel complete. We stumbled upon this very strange "sculpture" in the woods that from far away looked like the foundation for a small shack, but contained a mixture of shaped stone and metal. It's absolutely indescribable and very strange. We can't figure out why it's there. Anyone know? We also walked around the rejuvinated wetlands, which has this channeled, fast-flowing stream running along side it. I think it should be turned into a log flume, myself. I think that W. would be infinitely better with a log flume, don't you?

And now, time to keep aliens away from my fishand then to read about sexual harassment. I lead quite the thrilling life, you know?

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