Sunday, September 21, 2003

There she is. My arch nemesis (hehe, I kid, I kid) Miss Virginia made it to the Top 10, but sadly does not possess that glittering tiara. Sad, I know. But let's revel in her for just a little bit longer:

Q: Does the swimsuit competition belong in Miss America?

A: Yes, most definitely. When you've got a society where 65% are overweight or obese, it's an excellent motivation. I have a friend, who when he learned I was in the competition, he heard my story and he got motivated; and in the last 3 months that I've known him he's lost almost 100 lbs. So definitely, it's such a great motivation.

And T.'s reponse: I was going to eat fried twinkies for lunch every day this summer, but then I was like "Hey, Miss Virginia lost weight...I think I should just go to Subway."

Elle Woods would be so proud.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

She's so fine. Do you think the Olsen Twins know that there are Web sites dedicated to counting down the days until they're 18? I mean, wouldn't it bother them that there are millions of (gross) men drooling as the seconds tick by until they're legal? But, then again, they're the Olsen Twins. So probably the answer is.

I feel dirty. And not in the fun, Christina Aguilera way. Ooo, I think I'm gonna go watch that video now. You can never see enough guys in bunny suits getting punched out by Redman or satin red undie wedgies.