Sunday, September 21, 2003

There she is. My arch nemesis (hehe, I kid, I kid) Miss Virginia made it to the Top 10, but sadly does not possess that glittering tiara. Sad, I know. But let's revel in her for just a little bit longer:

Q: Does the swimsuit competition belong in Miss America?

A: Yes, most definitely. When you've got a society where 65% are overweight or obese, it's an excellent motivation. I have a friend, who when he learned I was in the competition, he heard my story and he got motivated; and in the last 3 months that I've known him he's lost almost 100 lbs. So definitely, it's such a great motivation.

And T.'s reponse: I was going to eat fried twinkies for lunch every day this summer, but then I was like "Hey, Miss Virginia lost weight...I think I should just go to Subway."

Elle Woods would be so proud.

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