Sunday, May 11, 2003

I can be cruel. In the spirit of procrastination, I made a list of stuff that annoys me. This does not include the obvious such as intolerance, sexism, racism, Republicans, etc. I'm living up to my title of 2003 Lil' Miss Vicious, huh?

  • People who use the word chica (e.g "I'm out with my chicas")

  • People who sign e-mails "cheers" or "ttfn."

  • Toe rings

  • Leopard print or any kind of cat print

  • Those damn pants with the words written across the ass

  • People who lace their shoes the wrong way in an attempt to be "indie." Also included under this subject are people who misspell their names intentionally so as to be "unique."
  • People who put countdowns on their aim profiles documenting when they get to go home and hang out with their high school friends.

  • People who wear clothing that's way too small because they think it looks sexy.

  • Helpless people. Also, people who always have to be the center of attention.

  • People who pretend to be lesbians to get attention from men.

  • Men with "Asian fetishes."

  • People who listen to Oakenfold and think they're into the raver scene. Also, people who listen to Weezer and think they're indie or emo.

  • People who think they are required to know about every esoteric underground band out there (e.g. "I really need to get into Tapes n' Tapes").

  • Yuppies *shudder*