Sunday, July 11, 2004

Somebody told me. Finally, someone says exactly what I've been thinking all about the current pop "alterna-rock" scene. It's beyond strange to be out of the country for six months and suddenly be plopped down into the current music scene which sometimes sounds likes an untalented nerd covering The Strokes on a delapidated casio keyboard. At least The A.V. Club sees it from my perspective:

Music in general—-and pop music in the accelerated media culture of the post-WWII world in particular—-is a synthetic art that involves refining and reviving bits of the past in the push toward the future. But what happens when the urge to imitate and build off the past that gives rise to The White Stripes or Jurassic 5 or Elvis Presley gets imitated itself?

Thanks, man.

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