Saturday, November 20, 2004

When all I possess is a melody. I've been reminiscing, I guess you could call it, mostly because of my Friday WOST class in which we read some incredibly important essays by A. Rich and D. Haraway. It made me remember my intro class and how much this essay changed my life. I suddenly remembered why I wanted to study this in the first place--to find some sense in my crazy, topsy-turvy life and to understand the why and the how of me.

Things that are awesome (today):

  1. Badly Drawn Boy live performing "How" and "Once Around the Block"

  2. Finding Roses under your seat after lecture

  3. Ladybugs landing on your coat after a bad day

  4. The Alchemist

  5. SVU

  6. Fucking incredible friends

    Things that suck (lately):
  1. Daylight Savings Time

  2. Uncertainty

  3. Immaturity

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