Thursday, December 30, 2004

You're still a superhot female. Misogyny is the epitome of uncool, unattractive, and crappy. This is everything I hated about high school and then some. Assholes.

E: it's exactly what i hated about high school.
I: High School = suck
E: yes, but I was outspoken and strong and smart and self-confident; erego, I was an outcast and treated in exactly this mysogynistic manner
I: Booo
E: BUT I will win because I am awesome and they suck. Inherently so. So, uh, ha!
I: you already are winning
E: I am?
I: They are all jizzmops
E: Jizzmops! Wow. That's That's like a step below jizz, below the jizz left on the nudie booth, below the guy who has to mop up the jizz. The mop itself!
I: exactly
E: you're tough
I: nah, I just learned the word 'jizzmop' somewhere
E: but still. I quack with fear
I: I honk with authority.
E: I'm still impressed

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