Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'm the center of attention in the walls inside my head. I currently have a dog in my lap. Is there anything better in this world?

In honor of the restful break I've enjoyed, I'm in the mood for lists...

Things I love, in no particular order (I am omitting the obvious like friends, family, world peace, etc.)

  • Act two of "Pirates of Penzance"

  • My dog, except when he growls at me

  • Self-proclaimed male feminists

  • Winter sports (e.g. skiing)

  • PBS

  • MoMA's fifth floor

  • Slave to the Grind

  • Dan Savage

  • Diesel Sweeties

  • Books!

  • New CDs

  • Singing in my car...but only when I'm alone

  • VH1, especially VH1 Europe

  • My hometown public library's DVD collection

Things I Hate, in no particular order (omitting the obvious like war, fascism, sexism, Republicans, etc)

  • Maroon 5

  • Anything involving Bush (this includes Texas)

  • Men who lack self-confidence and take it out on me. At the same time, players.

  • "The Speech." Seriously, the next time I hear it, I'm just gonna peace on you.

  • Dust bunnies

  • Breast implants

  • All ads for medication (Yesterday I saw one for breast implants, and I felt violated)

  • That painful first day

  • Waxing profound. Just be stupid. There's no shame!

  • Love handles, especially on me

  • Single-blade razors. What's the point?

  • Grammar mistakes, especially those involving punctuation and "entitled" versus "titled."

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