Monday, March 07, 2005

Let go of this pride. I spent all Sunday hung over after Dyke Ball. Not all moments can be shining moments.

However, I don't think that warrants the Boston Herald and a load of other local news affiliates using us as front page fodder. "Lusty Lesbian Bash" my ass. Why can't you stupid, ignorant people deal with the fact that women do NOT need men to have a good time. I think it is disgusting that a party celebrating homosexuality which just so happens to take place at a reputable women's college needs so much media attention. Eleven students going to the hospital with alcohol poisoning is a Wednesday night at Syracuse University, 'aight? So don't give me any shit about how we're so depraved because I will seriously stomp on your balls. You and your misogyny are not welcome in my universe.

T: I love how they make sure to specify that EVIL GAY PEOPLE were involved
E: and now the administration is thinknig of banning all parties that have high alcohol related problems, which is such CRAP
T: well, they're going to ban the harvard-yale tailgate, too. we will have to send our children to college in an alternate universe where fun is permitted
E: why in the fuck are they just bending over for the media? no one can take it when women act like men
E: And W. women act like men: We drink, we fuck, we are ambitious, we are aggressive, and we're not going to make you a fucking sandwich
T: Just like how people hate it when gay men act like straight men
E: I say castration for everyone! Unic pride! Seriously, you're all so fucking threatened by a little girl-on-girl action, you don't deserve to own a penis. I'm sorry, you are not a man.

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