Tuesday, May 31, 2005

When I'm about to go crazy 'cause I'm still living here I just get my friends together and we dance dance dance. The best Mad Libs ever, courtesy of my, Zap and Netsirk. This is what happens to our brains while we pack.

"Science Lab"
Once a week, we have a science laboratory class, and we get to do nutty experiments with hoops and Republicans. Our teacher, Ms. Frida, shows us how to dissect lollipops. First, we take out the internal cans and emery boards and draw pictures of them in our notebooks. We have to work saucily or else we'll make a mess. We also learn to use chemicals to make squeamish things like inexpensive household Attila the Hun and deodorizers that make a Caligula smell like a hairspray. Last week, we had a velcro-y accident in the lab. Nicole Kidman mixed some chloroform with enchilada and added some bile and the mixture exploded and blew two tiles through the roof. So now our teacher makes us wear safety pantaloons during science class.

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