Thursday, August 04, 2005

It feels like some sort of inspiration. Random things I saw yesterday while on my way here and there:

  • On my way to the bank, I was driving behind this old Camry whose back bumper was covered in stickers from these crazy death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse and Exhumed. All the band names had blood dripping off them. The best was Goat Whore, which actually depicted a woman entangled with a goat. I was quite amused.

  • At the Wachovia ATM stand in the Times Square Subway station, someone had removed the "via" part of the sign. I never wanted a camera phone so bad in my whole life.

  • I've been looking at rooms and such to sublet on Craig's List, and I found a post where this guy who wasn't in town much wanted three "young female roommates" to live in his apartment (he would sleep on the couch for the few days each month when he was in town), "escort" him to functions when he was in town, and... I can't paraphrase it. It's too funny:
    In addition, also looking to have the little time in New York as fun as possible as I have no time for social life at all. Hopefully, roommates would be open to possible additional fun things while I'm around, such as occassional massage, walking around in lingerie, and just some minor enticements. I am not looking for sexual favors, just enticements that would make living in my apt. fun for that one week a month. Be as creative as possible as I will simply listen to offers.

    For $200/month, it's not such a bad deal. Heh.

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