Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How much is that doggie in the window. A request was made about a month ago by an old friend of mine to dedicate a post to my dog, Chauncey. We made a deal: I'd post dog-alicious photos, and he'd post comments on my blog (I am an attention whore, and I'm proud). So, I am finally on my old, broke-ass computer with enough time to upload these darn things. And, assuming the process doesn't cause my computer to burst into a ball of flame, we should be good to go.

The question here is, can you guess which one is my dog? If you're thinking to yourself, "Well, T.L. is a pretty friendly, gregarious person. I could totally see her with a big, cuddly pooch like that black lab," you'd be...WRONG. Chauncey is an SBD--a small, black dog. He's about the size of a bread box, but his personality is larger than the Sears Tower. He's a chihuahua mix, but my dad and I are convinced he's a rat.

There are, obviously, other pictures, but they require docturing in the form of decapitating family members. I have, however, upheld my end of the bargain. Donc, voilà le chien. Tu en as besoin plus, mon petit morceau de sel, ou est-ce que ça suffit? Et j'ai toujours une jolie queue.


Anonymous said...

Cute x15 !!!!!!!!

The lop ear says "You can trust me; I'm adorable!" The upright ear says "BEWARE, FOR I CAN EVEN HEAR YOUR DEEPEST THOUGHTS."

The eyes say "Bring me lunchmeat and toy dinosaurs so that I may eviscerate them both," but that's beside the point.

The dimwitted accountant posting on TL's blog says “Très bien fait, ma poissonne, toi et ton PCN (p'tit chien noir.)”

The Liz said...

Mais, la question, c'est connais-tu ce que le T et le L indiquent?

You can meet the SBD/rat dog/captain underpants when you come to NYC in December, si tu veux/peux.

Can I also be cute x15?