Friday, October 28, 2005

Until they realize. I had training this morning for my super-cool volunteer position with Planned Parenthood (yay), and it just so happens that today was abortion day at the center. That's right, they actually have Abortion Day. Sadly, there were no balloons.

Before I go even farther into the Land of Extremely Poor Taste, I'll explain. There is one day a week dedicated to surgical abortions at the Centers which offer the service. At the Center where I was trained, this day is usually Saturday, but the doctor couldn't make it, so they switched it to Friday.

If you ever want to see intense, go to P.P. on abortion day. Holy shit! You have to wait at least three hours because there's so much paper work and sonograms and, well, stuff, that they have to do before you can undergo a procedure which takes--I am not kidding--three minutes. Seriously! A surgical abortion takes three minutes! There were tons of women, and some supportive boyfriends, sitting there, some trying hard not to cry, all looking uncomfortable and upset. There was this 14 year-old sobbing because she wasn't sure what to do, and it wasn't clear whether or not she'd been raped, and she was afraid she'd never be able to have children if she had an abortion, and HORRIBLE!

I think that the best form of Sex. Ed. you could have would be to make everyone sit around and watch people waiting to get an abortion. It'll make you the most vigilant condom user/pill taker/celibate ever.

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