Sunday, December 04, 2005

Leave me to regard the world in better ways. My dad bought me a new computer for my birthday (so shiny!), and I've gone on a huge downloading binge. Months of pent-up music lust are coming out, and I'm completely in love with what I've found. It's quite distracting and is totally preventing me from going about my normal routine. Alas, I am an internet piracy junky.

Anyway, here's what iTunes and I are currently in love with:

  • Stereophonics - "Dakota"

  • The Velvet Teen - "Radiapathy" and "Naked Girl"

  • Beck - "Missing" and "Earthquake Weather" (and all of Guero)

  • Roisin Murphy - "If We're in Love"

  • The Delays - "Long Time Coming"

There's more, but I haven't had time to cycle through it all yet. Check this stuff out. You won't regret it.

1 comment:

veggie said...

awesome songs! I also really like "Over & Out" by The Delays. rock on. :)