Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Nobody knows where they might end up. Sometimes a song comes up that encapsulates every little emotion that's working its way through my tired mind. Lately it's been Guster's "Come Downstairs and Say Hello," but as I was walking on the frigid island, Mike Doughty's "I Hear The Bells" got it right. I downloaded the song a few weeks ago in my quest for the Veronica Mars soundtrack and didn't think much of it on first listening, but it's a rather cheeky tune that sums up my current frame of mind surprisingly well. This part was especially trenchant:

You snooze, you lose
Well I have snost and lost
I'm pushing through
I'll disregard the cost
I hear the bells
So fascinating and
I'll slug it out
I'm sick of waiting
Bring it.

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