Sunday, February 12, 2006

Find out what it means to me. This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. "Traditionally Jewish women don't like sex but now we are known for giving head." Where in the hell did that come from? It's just as bad as any dragon lady asian or big-vagina black mammy stereotype. And this is even more insulting because it's coming from a Jew-produced magazine that's meant to "empower" us and discuss our "issues." These Jews think they have to prove themselves to a world that hates them. Instead of rebelling or giving the world the finger, they roll over and play the game. "I may be a Jew, but my penis is 18 feet long." It's Philip Roth, self-hating Jew, identity-crisis bullshit, and I refuse to be a part of it.

My issues do not rest with my need to "overcome" my Judaism by proving my mettle through my sexual prowess. My issues rest with my people degrading me be defining me as nothing more than a hoover-mouthed cum bin.

I will not accept this arrogant bigotry from the goyem, and I will not accept it from the tribe, either.


The Gentle Gentile said...

Yeah, and I resent that "cheese flavor" remark, too.

The Liz said...

Don't worry, it doesn't actually taste like cheese.

Obviously someone's been getting it on with a gentile who doesn't know how to deal with his smegma.

Hehe I said "smegma."

Anonymous said...

i liked the cum bin line myself

- Josh

The Liz said...
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