Thursday, February 02, 2006

Right here's the spot. Apparently, January 24 is widely thought to be the worst day of the year. The New York Daily News (hehehe I am citing the Snooze as a reputable news source. I'm hilarious) reported that "British psychologist Cliff Arnall cited an avalanche of evidence testifying to the singular suckiness of January 24, including but not limited to the day's distance from Christmas (too far to look forward to next year's, with many citizens still mired in the debt of last year's); failed New Year's resolutions (with an excess of smoking, drinking, and overeating); and a uniquely bleak horizon, with no three-day weekends, just one unreliable holiday, plus tax forms and crap weather."

I believe it. January 24 was the day I went back to work after returning from Israel. Culture shock + jet lag + the flu do not a happy employee make.

Many thanks to The Stranger for pointing out more reasons why January 24 blows.

On the bright side, the next time you're having a bad day, you can think to yourself, "At least it's not January 24."

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