Saturday, May 27, 2006

They're not even a real country anyway. For those of you who were wondering why I went AWOL earlier this week, I was sent to Toronto on business. Now Toronto is a beautiful and clean city, but it is boring as hell. Before you Canada fans jump down my throat, I have a legitimate reason for thinking Toronto is hella lame: No one could tell me one thing I had to do while I was in Canada. In any other major city, any taxi driver or man-on-the-street could tell me at least five interesting things to do or visit in the city. No one I asked--and I asked many people--could tell me one effing thing to do.

On the bright side, I can now raise the number of radio/tv towers to three...four if you count the Tour Eiffel. Can you name them all?


Anonymous said...

"I am The Liz, eh?"

C-M University said...

Toronto is hella boring, even going to baseball games in one of the coolest stadiums ever built is boring. It is only fun if you a 19 year old american, and even then you are better off just sticking with Niagra Falls or Montreal, whicever is closer.