Thursday, June 08, 2006

Life in plastic, it's fantastic. Today in B-List Celebrity Sightings (actually this should be "Yesterday in B-List Celebrity Sightings, but blogger was on the fritz and prevented me from sharing my all-important stalkerness with you):

Rachel Zoe, of all people, checking her blackberry at the Tasty D Lite on Spring Street. I know it was her! I just know it! She had the long, stringy extensions; the wasted-away, low calore intake body; the pouty lips and wrinkled skin; the fake-bake tan; and, most telling, despite the downpour she was wearing huge-ass sunglasses. I feel so proud to have spotted such a Celebrity Gossip denizen, let me tell you.

In other banal celebrity news, Ryan Renolds and Alanis Morissette split up. He will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine.

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Anonymous said...

How come Lower Manhattan attracts so many C-list celebrities that TL can't go 5 minutes without running into one? Does the mere act of walking around the area increase one's chances of being (or becoming) an embarrassingly obscure celebrity? Because if I surf the Internet this fall and see an entry along the lines of "Seen in the vicinity of Washington Square: Le Petit Morceau de Sel from TL's blog. LOOOOOOOOSER!", I'm going to be rather irked.