Monday, July 31, 2006

Are you diggin' on me. I was thinking today that we haven't had a good celebrity sighting in a while here on the TL, but during my lunchtime walk the god of voyerism blessed me. Without further ado, I present you Today in A-List Celebrity Sightings:

Joss Stone on the corner of West Broadway and Prince Street, buying a hand-made halter dress from one of those street vendor artist-types. I recognized her right down to her nose stud. Let me just say, she is gorgeous! She dyed her hair a very sexy chestnut brown with red highlights, and goodness is she tall! She also has a great (speaking) voice. I was very excited.

I've noticed that my celebrity sightings are a little like trading cards. I'm hoping to get a Lohan or a Hilton before either of them overdose and kick the bucket.

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