Monday, April 30, 2007

Everything is quiet since you're not around. Dear Real-Life and Cyber Friends,

I am very angry with you! How in the world could you have neglected to tell me about this? I am out of the country, and I rely on you all to keep me informed about important events. What could be more important than Season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in comic book form? Not only that, but the first issue has already sold out! Need I remind you that I do not have consistent internet access and unfortunately miss out on such incredibly important developments? I am very disappointed with you all.

Check out a preview of the first issue as well as a review. Also, for good measure, happy 10-year anniversary, Buffy!

P.S. Someone host a BtVS blog-a-thon, already!



hey 'the liz'! it's not a buffy blog-a-thon per se but i'm sure there'll be some buffy related posts. YOU should write one!

The Liz said...

I actually already wrote my post for your blog-a-thon. It doesn't have anything to do with BtVS, mostly because I think I might have to bite the bullet and host my own blog-a-thon one of these days. You've inspired me!