Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'll be your whatever you want. Having lived in the region for the past six months, I can tell you that this is an oversimplified answer to a complex problem. Via Facebook group Lezbollah, hot women from different Middle-East-Peace-Process ethnic backgrounds will send in pictures of themselves getting it on and, thus, inspire the rest of us to put down our weapons. After all, what's more inspirational than girl-on-girl action?

I'm pretty sure that most traditional Arabs and Jews would take offense to lesbian hook-ups, even if they are multi-cultural and, therefore, awesome. Also, I am compelled to point out the exploitation here: Why do women always have to pretend to be gay to get men to do what they want? As usual, the only tool with which women can prarticipate when it comes to compromise is our sexuality--or pseudo-lesbian posturing, as the case may be.

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JErich-Oh's said...

ah Liz, you are awesome because you find lesbian porn.

And it's all because the man's brain lies below his belt, appeal to that, and you can do anything. They once had an episode about it on Scrubs, but then Dr. Reed took it too far, and ended up blowing an interview by inadvertantly using her sexual wiles to cut a line to get an orange soda, which was the last one, which the guy who was going to be interviewing her wanted.