Thursday, May 01, 2003

You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up. My roommate is currently taunting me with pizza. I said I wouldn't order any because I'm watching my weight, and now there's this eerie voice eminating behind me making yummy noises and mentioning various delicious aspects of pizza. I'm getting a bit scared, to tell you the truth. And hungry. That bitch :-p

In other news, L(y) just attempted to explain to me why I am not on her list of three Ns she would want with her on a desert island. I quote the conversation below as it is quite hilarious:
L(y): The reason why you're not included on my list is 'cause I wouldn't want you to be stuck on a desert island. You're too cool for that.
Me: Aww, you're sweet. But I still think I'd be good desert island company.
L(y): You would. If you were on vacation with me, hell yeah. But stuck with me? I'd rather you weren't there.
Me: It's cuz I smell, isn't it?
L(y): *Everyone* smells on a desert island.

Ah, the laughter. What were my choices, you ask? Well, here you go:
I would pick L(y), L(c) and Sus... except Sus would get thrown to the sharks for being a traitor and abandoning us. And then, while the sharks were distracted by the Sus meat, L(c), L(y) and I would launch the raft we made and sail to safety. Let this be a lesson to you all: Quit the N and you become shark bate.

Ah, good times.

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