Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Dancing in the sunlight laughing. So this is part of my attempt to make my blog actually interesting and entertaining (Aside from the electric nipple lady to the left. Yeah, I know why you sickos looks at this thing. I'm on to your little game!). So here is a nice convo between me and my cutie detailing one of his fine escapades. See, I am capable of other things besides reading newspapers! See! See!

T: [T. and T's friend B] were at Barnes and Noble in [T's hometown] and these high school age girls come in, looking all jappy and popular. And they sit down at the table across the patio from us, and I notice that they have a massive stack of sex books/manuals
E: uh oh, I just know this is bad
T: and they're just passing them around reading them
E: haha. I did that in high school with my lesbian friend
T: and then I see one of them, uh, act something out (she was writhing around on the chair like she was on top of a guy!)
E: Oh. My. Lord. Vomit much
T: at this point [T’s friend B], who will say anything no matter how embarrassing, decides we should talk to them just for giggles. So he starts talking to them and they're clearly mortified that someone has caught them learning about sex
E: because their parents taught them it was dirty. Dirty girls exploring their natural urges. tisk tisk
T: and then I come over and say "you know, I wrote many of these books. Hi, I’m...." *paused to pick up nearest book* ".....uh, um, Dr. Ruth K. Wertheimer."
E: did you really say that?
T: yeah
E: and who the fuck reads Doctor Ruth anymore, anyway? Where these girls like 56 or something?
T: 16, maybe. And then they went right to their cars and drove away, but they were unsure whether to flee or flirt. They rolled down the window and tried to talk to [T’s friend B] and me on their way out. It's a shame we didn't really get to introduce ourselves. I was wearing the W. shirt and I wanted to try and tell them I went to W. to see if they'd even notice
E: did you offer to let them practice on you?
T: me, no. [T’s friend B] may have, although that may even be past his limits of decency. So I don't think he did. They were clearly very popular and probably considered the official masturbatory fantasies of the [T.'s old high school] sophomore class or something
E: mmmm...anorexic flat-chested tiffany-bracelet wearing girls who get pubes stuck in their braces. Wow, now there's an image for you
T: hahaha

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