Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I want to be your illusion. I thought that Beni Benassi was the only appropriate title for this little entry, courtesy of the inimitable Dan Savage. In response to one mysogynist's desire for abnormally ginormous breasts, Monsieur Savage had this to say:

The sudden appearance of women with ridiculously huge boob implants was arousing in part because of its shock value. There was the shock of women with such exaggerated racks, of course, but there was also the more important—and, sadly, the infinitely more arousing—shock of women finding a novel new way to imperil their health in order to attract the attention of men. Men have always found it arousing when women go to bizarre extremes, including self-mutilation (bound feet) and self-torture (high heels), to make themselves more attractive, and enormoboobs were extreme in the extreme. That enormoboobs played into the deeply ingrained and thoroughly eroticized misogyny that plagues all human cultures to varying degrees was lost on most men. (Let's not be too relativist about this: I'm sure most women would prefer to live in a culture that allows women who want to have enormoboobs to go and get them over, say, a culture that compels all women to have their clits cut off.)

It always makes me happy when someone infinitely more influential than me has the balls to point this shit out.

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