Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm into you. Get into me. Current status: Drunk! Wooo! Current mood: Angry/ freaking out/ fucking horny. But this is funny:

E: ...I think I'm kinda drunk
L(Y): Eh? How so?
E: Cuz I am drinking, and I think I started ovulating today, which would explain my sudden fluctuation in appetite.
L(Y): Heh. Just came off that estrogen high a couple days ago
E: Why must I eat so much when I ovulate? Why God, why? Why must I become fat so as to disgust potential mates? Seems antithetical. That's it! It's a sign! God does not want me to breed!

Also, this is retarculous, but cute:

E: Is your internet still broken?
Gwax: Yup. Hopefully it'l be better soon
E: Boo. I want da photos. Cuz you are cute. And I am cute. So cute+cute=2cute
Gwax: Oh man, I like you and I love you and I'm in love with you and I miss you
E: Cuz I turned us into an algebra equation?
Gwax: No, just in general
E: Oh. I thought it was nerd love.

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