Wednesday, February 23, 2005

We ain't too pretty, we ain't too proud. So after a rambling, repetative, somewhat incoherent lecture given by the one and only Betty Friedan (Feminine Mystique what), this is what I have gleaned as to what is in store for feminism:

1) Just as women have been freed from their submissiveness, men need to be freed from machoness. This is why women live on average seven years longer than men. Macho is bad for your health.
2) Women earn 50% of the pay on average per household, but men only do 25% of the child rearing. Step up, guys.
3) Men control society but that women are concerned with the details of society. For society to continue to function cohesively, the feminine perspective has to be placed in greater esteem. This is why so many corporations make their CEOs do sensitivity training.
4) Eventually men and women will not be defined by their difference. Men and women will become more alike and take on the characteristics of the other sex, thus being able to live out their full potential as human beings and not simply as gendered archetypes (This one I actually believe. Hottttt).
5) The ERA will finally be ratified when there is a woman president (ha! good fucking luck!)
6) Revolution is fun!

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