Sunday, May 08, 2005

Can I graduate? Between me and my shiny new diploma:

-Arthurian Legends paper on the manipulation of the Pelleas and Ettard story through the 13th c. French Vulgate to Malory to Tennyson (Don't I sound all intelligent).
Due May 9
-Paint it Green! all fucking night May 10
-French paper on the role of the king in Racine's theater. Due May 11
-30 page (!!!) Art History paper on the renovation of the Hôtel de Beauharnais. Due May 16
-French final exam. May 19
-Arthurian Legends final exam. Whenever the heck I get around to it

Yes! I can totally fucking do this! Eye of the motherfucking tiger! *pumps fist in air*

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