Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How many times must you be told. While I was running earlier, I was listening to the first CD I ever bought: the Foxfire soundtrack. I doubt you remember the film, but it was a 1990s grrrrl power film based on a Joyce Carol Oats book which featured a pre-Gia Angelina Jolie and that chick from that horrible NBC sitcom, "Boston Common." One of the songs on the soundtrack is by L7 about Shirley Muldowny, the first woman drag racer. Awesome. Best line in the song:

-"What's a beautiful girl like you doing racing in a place like this?"

Snap! That was so awesome. Plus there's a great Luscious Jackson song on it which is particularly appropriate, all things considered.

Alternately, if that soundtrack was what I was listening to while I was just barely adolescent...holy crap! It's so depressing. Some of the songs are about how everyone is unhappy, life sucks, men suck, and people do drugs to fill the hole in their lives. Dear Lord, it continues to be mystery to me how I ever made it out of high school without a serious eating disorder. Also, how did I survive adolescence without Sleater-Kinney?


Anonymous said...

i'm commenting! i'm commenting! anyway, i hate to correct you, but the movie is foxfire, not firefox. firefox is a web browser or a virus scan thingy or something, isn't it? either way, it's a great movie :)


The Liz said...

You would think that, considering I own the frigging CD, I'd be able to get the title right.

It's totally finals. Yep. Totally.