Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I remember you were incredible. I have really strange conversations with people when I'm tired. Or during finals. Or just in general.

Erin: I was in StoneD the other day, and they had a French fry bar, and they had those smiley face potatoes we usually have at Midnight Breakfast. I was horrified!
E: What?! That's sacraligious. That's like eating the Host on a Wednesday!

BonBon: Well I think you are very loveable
E: I think I will like put that on my business cards. "Very lovable" -BonBon. Like the reviews on the back of books.

Dani B: I'm going to wing it
E: You go girl. You're smarter than most people's left pinkie. I doubt you'll have a problem
DB: aww thanks
E: It's kind of a strange compliment. I'm not even sure I know what I meant
DB: haha, well, I send it right back at ya. We're a couple of smart, sexy bitches!
E: Can I get a hell yeah!

Veggie: You are so hot
E: I know!
Veggie: You know it; I know it
E: Why doesn't THE WORLD know it?

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