Thursday, September 22, 2005

Une fleur m'inspire. I just got my photos from my family trip to France developed. Yes, this was a trip I took in June, and yes I am lazy and didn't get my photos developed until last week. Anyway, a few of them were really cool, and thanks to blogger's new feature where I can upload pictures to my blog from my computer without having to pay for the privilege, I can share them with you. You won't see any pictures of me (I learned my lesson about identifying information, thank you), but try to enjoy them anyway.

Here is some fabulous graffiti art I found in the Marais district in Paris.

This is the view out of my kitchen window in Paris. My dad rented us a penthouse on Avenue Emile Zola. That's right, I got to stare at the Tour Eiffel all day and all night. I even kept the curtains open while I showered so I could watch the light show (thank goodness for high windows).

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