Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A time to laugh and shiver and cry. I have all this stuff floating around in my wee little mind I've wanted to write about all weekend, so I'm getting it out now. Lucky you, cyberspace. You get to listen to me ramble. Woot (I refuse to w00t properly. I'm all non-conformist like that).

Two observations:

First, if you missed it, and I'm sure you did because I'm the only person aside from my dad who watches PBS on Friday nights (Whatever, Gwen Ifill is the shit), you missed Kurt Vonnegut on NOW with Dave "Fake-Tan" Brancaccio. If you were too busy drinking/fucking/having-a-life-in-general to see Vonnegut rip the U.S.A. a new one, boy did you miss out. In one half-hour interview, Vonnegut calls for impeaching Bush and talks about checking out "hot babes." I am not kidding; he actually said "hot babes." It was awesome.

Second, there's this new, overly-hyped show on ABC called "Hot Properties" which stars a bunch of overly plastic-surgeried unpretty women, "Sex and the City" vet Evan Handler (awesome), and my gal Nicole Sullivan. The show itself is mediocre, but I love Nicole Sullivan, so I'm probably gonna watch it. I do, however, have a complaint. Why does Nicole Sullivan always have to play the ugly, neurotic, ignored girl? She's not ugly, or overweight, or plastic surgerified. She's hella funny (you might remember her as one of the original MAD TV cast members...on second thought, you probably don't). I mean, she's Joan of Arc! How much cooler can you be?! I don't understand why Joan of Arc has to spend her life pining away for that loser Abe Lincoln when she's totally smart, funny, interesting and sexy. Just because she's not generically sexy/slutty like Cleopatra, she gets the shaft. It's not fair! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to get your hands on "Clone High" rightthehellnow.

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