Friday, November 04, 2005

Art for art's sake. Tomorrow, I'm meeting up with the Blue Man at Storm King to see some ridiculously awesome art. It's like Nature + Metal + Big = Whoa. In case you were worried that I was actually cultured and had rejected my pedestrian antics, fret not. I am still quite juvenile:

Me: I keep pictuing Storm King as some sort of skeleton with a bunch of heads. Like a cross between an Orch, Skeletor, and the mouse king from the Nutcracker. Oh my god, how many points do I get for writing that sentence?!
Ike: Hmm, at least 8 points. Probably a few more, it's hard to calculate all the fractional points in there. I think they called the Storm King mountain nearby Storm King because of stormy weather around it, but I'm not sure exactly.
Me: I like mine better
Ike: Yeah, but it's kinda hard to have lovely abstract sculptures on a fall day on some kind of giant undead skeleton god-emperor
Me: Makes it more interesting
Ike: 'twould indeed

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