Friday, December 16, 2005

There's always something to remind me. Loo has sent me the best holiday card ever. It outlines her holiday plans for us when she returns to the city from the frigid north. Basically she has descriped the anti-tourist New York holiday, and she made me laugh so hard:

I think we should be totally different...and do everything opposite of normal tourist stuff in NYC when we hang out. For instance, instead of going to the Met, we'll go to the Museum of Natural History. And instead of going skating at Roc Center, we'll go ice skating in Central Park (like in "Serendipity"). And instead of going to the tree at Roc, we'll just pick a random tree in the sidewalk and gaze at it in awe, take photos, etc. Yay!!

I can actually picture us choosing some ratty-ass NYC sidewalk tree and singing carols around it. Yay for the holidays.

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