Friday, December 16, 2005

To tell me what I want and what my life lacks. Every now and then, I go through my blog archives and delete my whinier posts from back in the day because, frankly, my inane brattiness does not need to be preserved for posterity. However, I have noticed a few interesting things after my most recent cleansing:

  1. The amount of annoying posts (from my perspective, anyway) has dramatically decreased since my sophomore year of college. Hooray for progress!

  2. The amount of people reading and responding to my blog has also dramatically increased. I owe you all a cookie.

  3. And perhaps the most important thing I have noticed...

  4. This is the first blog template I've created which does not prominently feature an artistic rendition of a nude woman. Either I have outgrown my latent bisexuality, or I'm simply suffering because the Yves Klein I had up earlier has disappeared and now I'm using artistic tarot cards to express myself. Either way, it is a credit to you male readers out there that you aren't frequenting this site just for the boobies...although I'm sure they helped.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for my cookie to come. Every time the UPS truck drives by I am continually let down.

Oh, and boobies are cool.