Tuesday, February 28, 2006

They take a polaroid and let you go. Pointless blog post-o-rama! I had two of the most gruesome experiences today while lunch-breaking/walking around SoHo/window shopping/lusting after things I desperately want but won't buy because I'm ridiculously cheap:

1) I was walking behind this woman for about a block; she was wearing this pair of very tall, brown, leather, pointy-toe boots. Instead of a heal, picture two unsharpened #2 pencils, only thinner. Yeah, these boots were creepy. And she couldn't walk in them! Seriously, she was standing at the most drastic angle (like when kids go ice skating and their parents are too stupid to know that you're supposed to go down half a size when you rent ice skates, so the kids can't skate because their ankles angle in and they're about to die...like that, only her ankles went out instead of in). I'm walking behind this woman, and I'm waiting for her heal to break and her ankle to snap. And I could hear the snap in my head! And I thought I was going to barf! *shudder*

2) I proceeded to return to my office building and get into the overly-crowded elevator. Someone smelled like a hamster's cage, it was horrible. And then I
realized the smell was not rodent-related. It was the stench of the McDonald's the guy next to me was holding. *shudder*

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