Friday, March 03, 2006

Wrap me up. Here's the thing about my office that pisses me off: It's like motherfuckin' high school up in here! Seriously. All the EAs are painfully clique-y. They do that thing where they go up to one EA and ask if she wants to go to lunch, but all the other EAs can here her because we all work in cubicles. Everyone whispers behind everyone else's back, and one of my co-workers tattled on me to my boss for making too many personal phone calls. The cute blonde guy who I liked until he told me in his I-have-clearly-never-met-a-Jew-before awkwardness that I am "God's people" is trying to fuck the EA in the cubicle too my left. Today he told her that he liked her last name (!!!) and then he invited her to a bar with a bunch of other corporate drones.

This is exactly like high school, in fact. I again feel overlooked by the "popular people" who I don't necessarily want to talk to, anyway. I again feel hopelessly out-of-touch, fashion-wise. And I again feel like I have too much free time on the weekends. This is crap. I went to a women's college exactly to avoid ever feeling this kind of crap again, and now I'm smack stuck in the middle of it. Sigh. At least this time around I get paid to be here.

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