Thursday, April 20, 2006

Into this Earth. Today in Random Things I Saw While On My Way to Work:

There's this guy who takes the Express with me, and every time I see him, he's eating a Black and White cookie. Now, for those of you non-New Yorkers out there who have never had the good fortune to enjoy a Black and White (seriously, you are deprived), a Black and White is a mammoth cookie, half of which is frosted with vanilla and half of which is frosted with chocolate. It is a seriously delicious and rather large cookie, and I've often had one and been so stuffed I didn't need to eat dinner. Getting back to this guy, I've seen this guy twice already, and he never fails to disgust me. Not only is he eating a Black and White at 9 a.m., he shoves as much of the cookie in his mouth as possible before chomping down on the thing. He's not so much eating the cookie as he is inhaling the cookie. It is absolutely disgusting to watch, and I can only guess it's the epitome of stress-eating. Also, what a waste of a perfectly fantastic cookie.


C-M University said...

actually, the white half is not always vanilla, a lot of new york bakeries use a lemon based frosting. Also, I hope the guy is at least eating the chocolate part first. I bet he's a fatty.

The Liz said...

Yes, he was definitely a fatty...though not the stereotypical kind. He had your standard "I eat an effing cookie for breakfast everyday" gut.