Thursday, June 22, 2006

So I tell the world that it can kill itself. I am going to take an arguably controversial stance on the straight rights issues that are currently being shouted about: I don't care. That's right, America, I no longer give a shit about you. I live in New York, a state that legalized abortion three years before Roe v. Wade. You want your women to die of cervical cancer because you are convinced that the HPV vaccine will lead to promiscuity? Fine. You want to place pharmacists' religious beliefs above the health needs of your constituents by allowing pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception? Fine. You are so determined to keep your women stupid, poor, disease-ridden and pregnant? Fine. Go ahead.

You know why I don't care? Because you refuse to care! You don't care that 80% of American women will contract HPV by the time they are 50, you don't care that HIV infection rates are on the rise, you don't care that abstinence-only education isn't effective. All you care about is preserving your precious Christian morality! Apparently, Christ would want your daughter to marry a closeted gay man brainwashed into denying his sexuality. Christ would want you to sacrifice your wife's health, or even her life, for the sake of your unborn fetus. And Christ would certainly want your sister to live in poverty because she wasn't allowed control over her reproduction, consequently causing her to give birth to a slew of children since she isn't allowed to refuse her husband his "marital rights" (and it's not like you're going to help her or her children out of poverty by providing free vaccines, school lunch, welfare, or public housing, are you, America?).

America, you win. You are so intent on damning yourself by voting (or not voting, as the case may be) for right-wing, fascist, self-righteous, Bible-thumping corrupt hypocrites that I really don't see the point in arguing with you. All I'm doing is sitting here in my SoHo office, basking in the glow of sexual freedom and access to effective and safe reproductive health care, and watching you people willing vote away your freedoms. I don't live in one of those 42 states that hate women. I live in New York. So fuck you, America. I hope you all stay in Oklahoma or where ever it is you are, and I hope you all reproduce yourself into disease-ridden oblivion. I hope your women get cancer, your gay children hate you, and your straight children premarital sex themselves to death. If that's the way you want it, who am I to stand in your way?


C-M University said...

You forget to enphasize the fact the abstinence only education has been proven to be even less effective then not teaching the kids anything about anything.

You also forgot to mention that women are also supposed to not wear shoes, never leave the kitchen, and shut their damn mouths (that was a joke, obviously).

And a third thing you forgot to mention, and my favorite "political" topic is Evolution V. Creationizm. I say political because these people you complain about have moved it into the relm of political, and I say creationizm, because to even use the term intelligent design gives too much credit to the cause. Anyone who openly tells you that evolution never happened should be shot in the face. Even if they are Feebee Buffe.

Also, one more thing you forgot to point out, I don't read your journal nearly enough, and then you are subject to a bunch of old comments which by the time you get them might be completely out of context.

ALSO, we need to chill more often before you disappear forever.

The Liz said...

Disappear forever? I'm not dying, just moving!