Sunday, July 02, 2006

And they say that a hero can save us. Yesterday in B-List Celebrity Sightings:

A Two-Sighting day, my friends! First, SNL cast member Tracy Morgan on his way into the AMC Theater in Times Square. You know what's coming next: Much shorter in person! He couldn't have been more than 5'4" tall. Also, he looked really haggard, like he'd been enjoying too many wrap parties, if you catch my drift.

Then, after seeing Superman, what did we stumble on outside the New York Public Library but a taping for the new Spider-man movie! Hotness! The scene featured one Thomas Hayden Church of Sideways fame who, if I may say so, really does not look good as a redhead. The whole time we were watching them film this scene (check out Spiderichman's livejournal entry for July 1 to see an impressively comprehensive play-by-play of the scene), I kept thinking of the scene in Sideways where Paul Giamatti is running away from the naked fat guy...I think I am inheriting some of CB's inscrutable thought process. Anyway, it was so much fun and really interesting to watch. I would rather have seen Topher Grace (swoon) or James Franco (double swoon), but I suppose beggars fanboys cannot be choosers.

A Superman-related post script: There is an atrocious grammar error on Lois Lane's Pulitzer Prize plaque. Post it in the comments section, and I'll award you three T.L. Intelligence Points.

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