Monday, August 07, 2006

Fear, my old friend, disappear. As many of you know, I am freaking out about the GRE. It isn't even funny how anxious I am about this test. To boost my spirits, I am posting my horoscope. I don't care if this post isn't entertaining; I need help!

In 1993, my American friend Mark started playing music on the streets of Copenhagen. His parents regarded it as a tragedy. "This is what you do with the fine education we bought you?" they mourned. "What a waste!" grumbled his siblings and college friends. Mark was hurt, but didn't shrink from his mission, eventually expanding his open-air performances to Ireland and Holland. Thirteen years later, Mark has accumulated so much wealth from his gig that he has been able to buy homes in Ireland and Hawaii. Though he still busks part-time, he spends nine months of the year writing books. He's your patron saint in the coming weeks, Sagittarius. May he inspire you to follow your dreams no matter how much that bothers the people who think they own you [Source].

If you have any, leave your words of encouragement below.

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