Thursday, August 03, 2006

You may laugh 'cause you did not do your math. As many of you know, I am exceedingly adorable. For example, before one of our editors traveled to South Africa for a conference, I requested that she bring me back a baby elephant which I would name Peanut.

I have just received the following e-mail:

I couldn't take him with me for you; South African Airways has pretty strict rules for excess bagage. So here is the picture I took from little Peanut...

Yay! My very own baby elephant! I hope he has lots of playmates in South Africa. I don't want him to get lonely without me.


Anonymous said...

2 living things were discussed in this post - The Liz, and a baby elephant. 1 was declared "adorable." If you guessed the baby'd be wrong.

The Liz said...

Are you mocking me or agreeing with me?

I never said baby elephants weren't adorable, by the way. I am going to make Peanut step on you.