Sunday, May 04, 2003

Timebombs are marching. It's that time again...

Too busy to bother with those pesky SEQs? Just cut and paste these easy to use responses:

Valuable features: I really liked the live animal sacrifices. Also, the lab on the effects of ethyl alcohol on motor coordination (in that really cool Buick on the Mass. Pike) was great. (Note: for a non-lab course substitute; Learning all those ways to say "fornicate yourself" was really great, too.)

Features to Improve: I don't think that we should have been required to clean the instuctors home and office. I also think that adding a human sacrifice, I'm thinking specifically of that Econ major who always sat in the front row, would have added immensely to the course.

Own Effort: Well, one time I showed up, at least long enough to barf, after a long night out. Now that's effort!

Recommend course: I would recommend this class to anyone who aspires to be a bartender in a strip joint on Long Island. Other than that, avoid it like the plague.

Rating of course: PG

Recommend Instructor: I would recommend Professor ____________ for the nearest leper colony. Or, if that's not possible, for a long slow death by boredom, listening to someone as dull as he/she is.

Rating of Instructor: PG-13

Hope this helps - remember that they're required!

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