Sunday, December 19, 2004

Can you fill me in? This isn't funny, and yet it really really is:

What happened to all the romance? I wondered as I walked up the hill, through the campus of the Stevens Institute of Technology — which, it should be noted, Sinatra attended for one-and-a-half semesters — to have a few minutes with my favorite view of Manhattan. It is a beautiful spot, with plenty of nervous nerdy young scientists to keep you entertained, especially if you're thinking about sex. Is that one with the nice hands getting laid? He doesn't like me watching him, or maybe he does, but has yet to learn how to make eye contact. The high geek factor is a turn-on for a perv like myself. Is it their innocence? The fear in their eyes? Am I just a maniac? Having occasionally dabbled in geekdom, I have learned that they're inclined to masturbate more than your average college student, and sometimes even in the library. Is it wrong that I find that sexy?

Okay, I'm not saying that I agree with this. It's just...I don't spend much time thinking about MIT masterba-trons, but I definitely know about the fear in their eyes. If you ever need to feel hottt, just walk down the Endless Corridor in a low-cut shirt. I swear you'll feel like Marilyn Monroe in five seconds flat.

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